About True Cost Now

Finity created this site because we recognize the urgent need to help Americans understand the true cost of their health and financial choices today.

About Finity

Finity Communications, Inc. is one of the nation's leading independent financial and health benefit communication companies. We are located in the beautiful city of Portland, Oregon. Click here to learn more about Finity Communications.

Our Mission

To empower millions of people to make conscious decisions.

Our Methodology

We are the creators of the 4E Education Methodology that is used to develop all of our learning modules. The 4Es are "Engage, Educate, Empower, and Evolve." We have used the methodology to help millions of individuals make empowered decisions about their health and finances.

Our Products

We provide turn-key communication and technology solutions to some of the world's largest financial and health institutions, as well as for employers and consumers.


Finity Fast Facts

  • Started in 2004
  • Located in Portland, Oregon
  • Provides ASP and custom education solutions
  • Principal Justin McCormick has helped develop some of the most popular game titles including SimAnt, SimLife, and SimCity
  • Principal Deborah Stewart has led successful marketing strategies for many of the world's top financial and health institutions

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